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3 bottles of AudiVazx
AudiVax Is A Hearing Loss Healing Formula Found In Southern India By Incense Bathed Guru

AudiVax contains a proprietary formula consisting of a group of 9+ essential hearing minerals, vitamins and herbs. Ingredients That Work To Restore Your Hearing Naturally

Special Hearing Loss Healing Formula Found In Southern India:

  • Is your hearing important to you?
  • Are you tired of missing key information during conversations?
  • Sick of having people repeat themselves?
  • Want a solution that is natural and proven?

Hearing affects your entire life. AudiVax is an all natural supplement specifically designed to restore hearing and brain health.

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AudiVax Review: Does It Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Throughout this review, you will learn whether AudiVax really works or not. Based on what we discovered, AudiVax is a legitimate solution to people who suffer from hearing loss due to a variety of reasons.

The AudiVax hearing loss supplement is marketed to people who are deaf or have severe hearing loss.

Eric Kitzenberg, the creator of AudiVax, claims to have seen dozens of people cured of clinical deafness using the formula found in AudiVax, restoring their hearing within minutes of taking it daily.

What Exactly Is AudiVax?

3 bottles of AudiVazx

This natural supplement is formulated to solve all your hearing problems and ear damage. 

It is 1000x more powerful than hearing aids or any other “solution” a doctor might recommend.

AudiVax includes ingredients that work to restore your hearing naturally. It is based on Ayurvedic medicine, which, according to the creator of AudiVax, has always been better than Western medicine and pharmaceuticals.

It was discovered by Eric Kitzenberg who went to India to meet with Sri Chimnoy (a naturalist guru who had a reputation for helping people with hearing loss). You can read the incredible story here.

According to many who have used AudiVax, the supplement works. We’ve listed a few testimonies below.

AudiVax is an innovative remedy to treat hearing loss. AudiVax's ingredients support hearing regeneration without the need for drugs, surgeries, or other interventions. 

It reduces brain waves associated with hearing, suppresses the formation of earwax, and shields the ear against further damage.

This organic herbal component can be used to relieve symptoms that impair your body's ability to process noise. Moreover, the formulation can also improve your quality of life by increasing your living standard after a period of extended use. 

Audivax claims that it may reverse even the most severe cases of hearing loss by utilizing natural components without traditional medical procedures, surgery, or other methods.

How Does AudiVax Work?

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Nearly half of all people aged 75 and older suffer from hearing loss. This ailment has affected people in this age group for many years.

Having a better understanding of the underlying causes of hearing loss can help you prevent and maintain good ear health. 

Experts believe that a lack of filial cells is the leading cause of hearing loss.

The cochlea contains nerve cells with thousands of miniature hairs that convert sound wave vibrations into electrical signals that travel to the brain. With the right nutrients, these cells can be generated faster and stronger.

The body can manufacture these cells with the aid of some drugs, but they are expensive. These cells are responsible for processing sounds through your ear.

The AudiVax formula contains a combination of natural ingredients that increase the number of filial cells and improve the brain's ability to process sound. 

Researchers have found that ear infections can impair your brain's ability to process sounds. By reducing your brain's inflammation, AudiVax allows the brain to process sound waves more efficiently.

What Makes AudiVax Different From Other Supplements?

This is a natural herb blend that is unique and specifically designed to aid in restoring hearing. The thing that makes AudiVax different is the proprietary blend of supplements.

When Eric met with the Indian guru, he was not only given a list of herbs to use in restoring hearing loss, but the exact formula necessary for them to work best.

This is what sets AudiVax apart from over-the-counter supplements.

Other Benefits Associated with AudiVax

  • Hearing difficulties can be treated naturally
  • The AudiVax pill reduces illness
  • Inhibits the deterioration of cells
  • Regeneration of ear cells and nerves
  • Improved health of the cochlea
  • Suffering is lessened
  • Stress can be relieved by it
  • A better quality of life in general

AudiVax Ingredients

The major ingredients in AudiVax (the special herbs mentioned by Sri Chimnoy) are:

● Rhodiola

● Ashwagandha

● Chamomile

● Lemon Balm

● Skullcap

● Hawthorn

● Passion Flower

● Valerian

There are more ingredients in the blend; more than I can list. But these are nine that form the basis of AudiVax. These are the big ones Eric was told about from Sri Chimnoy.

For a full list of ingredients, click here.

What We Like About AudiVax

  • The amount of time required to see results differs from individual to individual.
  • All natural ingredients
  • Proprietary blend that is unique to AudiVax
  • Successful clinical trials
  • Extra benefits other than restoration of hearing
  • Because it is a supplement you do not need a prescription (although we recommend always consulting your physician)
  • Great alternative before surgery, hearing aids, etc

What We Dislike About AudiVax

  • Only sold on the official website
  • This is a limited time offer
  • It may take longer (for some people) to see results

AudiVax Doesage

The normal dosage is 2 capsules per day.

As with all supplements, consult your physician and only take the prescribed dosage.

FluxActive Side Effects

There are no known negative side-effects of taking AudiVax. 

In fact, Eric said, not only did his hearing come back, but he noticed a few other surprising benefits:

  • More energy, more get up and go…more mojo.
  • I got my sex drive back.
  • No more mid afternoon fatigue
  • And I lost weight…almost 10 pounds in weeks

Should You Buy AudiVax?

Yes. If you are suffering from hearing loss and desire a natural solution, give AudiVax a try. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. 

But don’t take my word for it. Here are a few testimonies from people who have taken AudiVax:

“You have given me a gift that is more precious to me than gold.

You have given me my hearing back.

And that means my life is back.

I can look someone straight in the eye now instead of looking at their lips

I know that seems like such a small thing but it means the world to me.

Everything sounds so beautiful.

I have come to realize that hearing is the greatest gift the universe has ever given and now it’s back, baby.”

- Jessica R.

I can’t tell you what this product has done for me.

I can actually hear the keys being punched as I type this email.

I feel like I’m part of the world again.

It worked so fast…well I never thought anything could work so fast.

Literally within 10 minutes I could hear again.

I’m a believer in science, but there is no denying that this is a miracle.

I’m part of the dinner conversation again. I’m no longer begging my family members to learn sign language. I feel like a part of society.

- Libby M

“The price of this product is downright insane. I would pay thousands for this….just as I would pay thousands for my hearing.

If you get a chance to get NAME at PRICE jump all over it.”

- Charles P

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