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Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right knowledge and the correct supplements, you can keep your skin looking young and healthy throughout the years.

But, with so many options out there it can be difficult to know which supplements are best for you.

Fortunately, we’ve done all the research into essential vitamins and minerals that will help nourish and protect your skin. By combining these supplements, you can create an effective routine that will have you looking and feeling your best in no time!

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Common Supplements That Support Anti-Aging

When it comes to improving skin appearance such as hydration and wrinkles, there are several supplements to try.

Here are six of the most common (well-known) that have been scientifically proven to work:

1. Vitamin C

This antioxidant helps tissue grow and repair itself and defends against sun damage.

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps regulate retinol (Vitamin A) levels for healthy skin.

3. Selenium

This mineral shields the skin from the sun‘s UV rays and fights wrinkles.

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Eating more of this fatty acid may prevent certain skin diseases, protect from cancer, and aid acne treatments.

5. Probiotics

Supplementing with these beneficial bacteria can help restore balance in your gut, which is linked to conditions like acne and dermatitis.

6. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Acts as an antioxidant that protects cells from damage while also aiding retinol regulation for healthy skin cells

4 Uncommon Anti-Aging Supplements: The Secret Weapon Vitamin and Minerals

These four supplements are considered the secret weapon to combat aging skin. While those mentioned above are well known to help care for your skin, these four are little-known but powerful ingredients that are rapidly becoming standards for skin care professionals.

Tocopheryl Acetate

Tocopheryl Acetate is a powerful skin-protecting antioxidant. Derived from vitamin E, it helps reduce inflammation and protect skin from UV radiation and environmental stressors.

Studies have found that when used topically, Tocopheryl Acetate can provide deep penetrating anti-aging benefits while improving the look and feel of skin.

It also serves as a natural emollient that helps to soften skin by forming an occlusive barrier on the surface of the skin which traps in moisture, prevents transdermal water loss, and keeps the complexion looking supple and youthful.

By supporting healthy collagen production, this versatile compound has been shown to diminish signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots and dullness for improved tone and texture

Caprooyl Sphingosine

Caprooyl Sphingosine is like a building block for cells. It’s a tiny molecule that helps all kinds of parts fit together to make sure everything works the way it’s supposed to.

The molecule can stick to other parts of a cell, such as receptors and hormones, to help give signals from one part of the cell to another.

Caprooyl Sphingosine also helps keep cell walls strong and helps make sure that cells don’t fall apart too easily, so that our bodies work properly.

Studies suggest that Caprooyl Sphingosine may be involved in regulating inflammation, immune response, autophagy and insulin sensitivity.

Alae Barbadensis Leaf Juice Extract

Alae Barbadensis Leaf Juice Extract is a plant extract that is derived from the leaves of the Aloe vera plant. It is known to possess many beneficial properties, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, healing and moisturizing qualities.

This extract helps soothe skin and prevents signs of premature aging by providing deep hydration. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can protect skin from blemishes and other infectious agents. 

FThis unique combination of antioxidants encourages cell regeneration resulting in healthier looking complexion and brighter tone over time.

By replenishing minerals lost during the day, Alae Barbadensis Leaf Juice Extract preserves natural moisture balance while keeping skin smooth, supple and nourished at all times.

Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract

Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract is a natural substance derived from microorganisms found in oceans around the world. It’s been sustainably produced for centuries and has established a reputation as a highly effective skincare ingredient.

The active components of Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract stimulate proteins that produce the “glow” we all want in skin – collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

These proteins are generally handled poorly by our bodies when aging, but with regular application of this extract, people report significant improvement in overall collagen levels – skin feels smoother and firmer.

The natural properties of Pseudoalteromonas are potent antioxidants that can effectively erase wrinkles due to environmental damage by blocking damaging free radicals.

Additionally, it’s an effective moisturizer that binds water to skin, reducing dryness and making it softer and more supple.

Best Source of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements For Anti-Aging

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Good skin care is essential for healthy, radiant skin. It’s about more than just keeping up appearances; taking care of your skin is an investment in overall wellbeing and quality of life.

For skin to look its best, it needs more than just a facial scrub or complexion cream. Caring for your skin requires proactive efforts like eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

These simple habits keep inflammation down so that your epidermal cells will remain strong and healthy in remaking themselves from the inside out.

But if you are like me, you’ve found these basics are good, but not enough.

Beyond basic nutrition and lifestyle changes, using gentle formulas, avoiding irritants and turning down heat settings on all devices used for grooming, your skin needs the proper nutrition to stay healthy.

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