Scientific studies reveal breakthrough solutions for thousands of people who are suffering from herpes. What's even more incredible is these remedies are all natural and effective.

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  • How herpes affects your body; Knowing this gives you an added advantage
  • Learn about the latest research on herpes cure; And why it is changing the way herpes is treated.
  • How a tiny protein is the culprit that hides the herpes virus so it goes undetected; And find out what scientist are doing about it
  • Learn how trigger the herpes kill switch and finally put an end to nasty flare ups
  •  Treatments for both HSV-1 (oral) and HSV-2 (genital) herpes
  •  Find out how one small discovery changed the way herpes is treated; and the new products that work based on that solution.
  • Discover the 3 natural ingredients that are being used to successfully treat herpes. 
  • Learn how your immune system works against you at times; and how you can override it to break free from nasty flare ups.
  • Why your brain is the surprising key to the new approach to herpes treatment.
  • How 'transcription' works to camouflage herpes; and why you should know about it!
  • How to supercharge your immune system and arm it with tools to flush herpes from your system.
  • Learn about the two-phase approach for treating herpes; and why it is so successful.
  • Case studies on successful treatments; one study had 100% success rate.



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Now, I can proudly say that I’m free of the herpes virus, both HSV-1, and HSV-2. I got back my self-confidence and I’m about to get married in the following weeks!

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It worked amazingly well, it's gone, the symptoms, the virus, I've had like 9 tests and they all came back negative, and it took like 3 weeks it was so much easier than I imagined. 

Lena Franks

HerpaGreens Customer

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Scientific Research



Neuronal Stress Pathway Mediating a Histone Methyl/Phospho Switch Is Required for Herpes Simplex Virus Reactivation.

DNA-Packing Portal and Capsid-Associated Tegument Complexes in the Tumor Herpesvirus KSHV.

Global Mapping of Herpesvirus-Host Protein Complexes Reveals a Transcription Strategy for Late Genes.

The Fc Domain of Immunoglobulin Is Sufficient to Bridge NK Cells with Virally Infected Cells.

Herpes simplex virus induces a processing factor that stimulates poly(A) site usage.

Splice site selection dominates over poly(A) site choice in RNA production from complex adenovirus transcription units.

Synthesis of secreted and membrane-bound immunoglobulin mu heavy chains is directed by mRNAs that differ at their 3' ends.

Campbell M.E.M. Palfreyman J.W. Preston C.M. Identification of herpes simplex virus DNA sequences which encode a trans-acting polypeptide responsible for stimulation of immediate early transcription.

3' Cleavage and polyadenylation of mRNA precursors in vitro requires a poly(A) polymerase, a cleavage factor, and a snRNP.

Temporal regulation of herpes simplex virus type 1 transcription: location of transcripts on the viral genome.

Anti-herpes virus activity of soursop ( Annona muricata ) seed extract: a study using Marek's disease virus in an embryonated chicken egg model

What is graviola and how is it used?

 Mushrooms may 'reduce the risk of mild brain decline'